Charles Brahmbhatt


Charles in an HCPC registered musculoskeletal and rehabilitative Physiotherapist. He has 10 years’ experience working with sports teams and within the private sector. Charles is currently studying for an MSc in Sports Medicine and rehabilitation at UCL.

Charles uses evidence guided practice, sound clinical reasoning, and draws upon a range of clinical experience to continually strive for the best outcomes for his patients.

Dorothy Kovacs

Massage Therapist

Dorothy qualified as a Swedish massage therapist in 2008 and subsequently went on to train in other massage techniques including Thai, Sports/Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy Massage and most recently Cupping. Dorothy is committed to remaining at the forefront of her profession by continuing her education, expanding her knowledge base and adopting new therapeutic treatment practices. Her…

Giusi Coppola

Yoga and Meditation teacher

In Autumn 2018 we welcomed Giusi to the Lloyd’s Wellbeing team, as the provider of our yoga classes. Giusi on yoga… Following on from a great many years of practising yoga for her own health and wellbeing, Giusi went on to choose yoga as her career and ultimately as the path for her life. She aims to…

Jack Lidyard - Podiatrist


Jack Lidyard qualified from Brighton University as a Podiatrist in 2008 and immediately began working with athletes from an amateur to national level. Jack is experienced in all aspects of Podiatry, from wound care clinics, to nail surgery & reconstruction, to rehab & post surgery care including acupuncture, ultrasound and laser therapies. Jack has a…

Laure Walter - Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist & Sports Massage

Laure worked as a personal trainer and sport masseuse for over 10 years. During this period, she was working in close collaboration with physical therapists in order to enhance her clients’ recovery. This inspired her to train to become a physiotherapist herself.

Marcelle Dubruel - Nutrition Health Coach

Nutrition Health Coach

Marcelle is a highly experienced transformational health coach and works with business men and women who want to take back control of their health, gain energy & vitality and live the life of their dreams. Great results come from the power of consistent daily habit changes and Marcelle will share simple solutions that will work around busy lives.

Simon Chafer

Osteopath (able to provide acupuncture/dry needling)

Simon qualified as an osteopath in 2005 having completed a 4-year bachelor of osteopathy degree at The British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy). He has a Master of Science post-graduate degree in Pain Management from The University of Cardiff School of Medicine.