Alessio Barone - Physiotherapist
Alessio Barone


Alessio is an experienced physiotherapist and Pilates teacher. He qualified as a physiotherapist in 2010 and has almost 10 years experience in various medical environments and wellbeing centres, both in Italy and the UK. Alessio holds bachelor’s degrees in Physiotherapy, Physical Education and Exercise Science & Sports, as well as a master’s degree in Adapted…

Carole Waltens - Physiotherapist
Carole Waltens


Carole Waltens trained as a ballerina before switching to train as a Physiotherapist and she believes it’s the best thing she ever did in her life! Carole has a wealth of some 30+ years experience in physiotherapy working in clinics and also as an advisor to major companies all across the UK, such as Unilever,…

Daniele Delicati - Physiotherapist
Daniele Delicati

Physiotherapist & Sports Massage

Daniele is originally from Italy where he achieved two BSc degrees in Physiotherapy and Sport Science, and gained valuable experience working in hospitals and gyms. He moved to London in 2014 and achieved an MSc degree in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy from King’s College London. During my time in London I have been consistently building my…

David Roderman - Psychotherapist
David Roderman

Counselling Psychotherapist

I am a qualified Psychotherapist accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). As a psychotherapist, I use the psychodynamic approach which is a therapeutic process that helps people address their problems, worries and challenges by increasing their awareness of their inner world, or unconscious mind, and how it has influenced and shaped…

Dorothy Kovacs
Dorothy Kovacs

Massage Therapist

Dorothy qualified as a Swedish massage therapist in 2008 and subsequently went on to train in other massage techniques including Thai, Sports/Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy Massage and most recently Cupping. Dorothy is committed to remaining at the forefront of her profession by continuing her education, expanding her knowledge base and adopting new therapeutic treatment practices. Her…

Dr Daniela Hecht
Dr Daniela Hecht

Counselling Psychologist

As a counselling psychologist I am here to help and accompany you on your journey and I believe that within the safe and confidential boundaries of a therapeutic encounter I am able to offer you the opportunity to help raise awareness of what it means to be ‘you’. Together we will explore what it means…

Jack Lidyard - Podiatrist
Jack Lidyard


Jack Lidyard qualified from Brighton University as a Podiatrist in 2008 and immediately began working with athletes from an amateur to national level. Jack is experienced in all aspects of Podiatry, from wound care clinics, to nail surgery & reconstruction, to rehab & post surgery care including acupuncture, ultrasound and laser therapies. Jack has a…

Jean-Vincent Michel
Jean-Vincent Michel

Physiotherapist (able to provide acupuncture)

Jean-Vincent is a trained Physiotherapist who graduated in 2009. He spent the next 6 years working in private practice, mainly based in the South of France, but also in the Caribbean and in a ski resort in the French Alps. Jean-Vincent quickly started to specialise in sports physiotherapy and gained invaluable experience as the physiotherapist…

Laure Walter - Physiotherapist
Laure Walter

Physiotherapist & Sports Massage

Laure worked as a personal trainer and sport masseuse for over 10 years. During this period, she was working in close collaboration with physical therapists in order to enhance her clients’ recovery. This inspired her to train to become a physiotherapist herself.

Maria - Yoga and Meditation teacher
María Aguiló Argos

Yoga and Meditation teacher

In her previous career, Maria was a successful reinsurance broker and strategic business developer – often travelling between Mexico City and London to serve the Lloyd’s insurance market. Her business background has enabled her to fully appreciate the stresses and strains that fast-paced City life can create. During this time, Maria discovered yoga and meditation…

Mark Bussetti
Mark Bussetti

Osteopath (able to provide acupuncture) & Sports Massage Therapist

Mark has been involved in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 20 years and practised as a Sports Therapist for 14 years prior to becoming an Osteopath. Qualifications include a Masters in Osteopathy; BA Hons in Sports Studies; Sports Therapy and Sports/Remedial Massage qualifications, and acupuncture certification. Mark has real enthusiasm for helping individuals…

Michael Sadowski
Michal Sadowski

Massage Therapist

Michal attained a degree in Physical Education in his native Poland, before training as a massage therapist at Radom Medical School. He specialises in remedial massage therapies such as Sports & Deep Tissue massage, Pregnancy & Post-Natal massage, Cellulite Reduction, Cupping Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage. Michal is equally proficient with relaxing holistic techniques, such as…

Naomi Honey - Life Coach
Naomi Honey

Life Coach

Naomi Honey is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and runs her own development agency based around coaching, personal development and active wellness. She brings a decade of business and consulting experience, primarily in FTSE 100 companies. In her spare time she trains and coaches parkour. Naomi understands the tension of balancing personal and professional…

Simon Chafer
Simon Chafer

Osteopath (able to provide acupuncture)

Simon Chafer – Osteopath. Simon started off his career working as a teacher and it was his interest in teaching biology and physiology that led him to become an Osteopath. He has over 10 years experience of treating patients, in Clinics throughout London, both with the NHS and privately. He has recently used this knowledge to…

Steve Hines
Steve Hines

Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, and Nutritional Therapist

Steve began his career in 1999 after graduating with a degree in Sports Science. Initially working out of a gym, Steve helped people lose weight and improve their fitness through personal training. He quickly found that many gym goers suffer from niggling injuries that hampered their progress. A keen interest in helping people overcome their…