Coronavirus update – 22 July 2021
– Following the lifting of restrictions, the Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre is now open for all customers. Visit our COVID-19 Policy and Procedures page for full details.

Remote Workstation Assessment for people Working From Home

Our DSE Workstation Assessor can conduct a remote Workstation DSE Assessment for employees that are working from home. This service is ideally suited to people who are now homeworking on a temporary basis. [Find out more…]

Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre News & Events

Businessman standing near podium and giving speech to the audience in the auditorium


The Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre, in association with Thrive4Life, is collaborating with leading healthcare professionals across the UK to bring you a series of high-end educational health talks on topics such as cardiac health, lung health, immune system health, and men’s and women’s health. These will take place in the Lloyd’s building, One Lime Street, EC3M 7HA, and will be recorded for organisations to upload to their staff intranet.

To arrange access to these exclusive high-end talks, please contact Thrive4Life’s Director, Janice Kaye, at


Movember Men’s Health Chat show

November 23rd 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

We’re hosting a livestreamed Movember Men’s Health Chat Show with two leading men’s health experts, top prostate surgeon Professor Roger Kirby and men’s self-help author Peter Baker.

This crucial talk for your employees will include:

  • Top advice on common men’s health issues
  • How to become more proactive in seeking medical help
  • Balancing health and work life
  • Crucial warning signs not to ignore
  • Learning to stop seeing mental health as a weakness.

Companies can purchase livestreaming access for all their employees for £475 + VAT, including a professional recording for your intranet for 3 months. Please get in touch to make a booking for your company.

Individuals can also register for our virtual livestreamed event for £8 per person. You can buy individual tickets here.


Our Health and Wellbeing Newsletter – Autumn/Winter 2021

Welcome back! We’ve missed you.

Inside this issue:

  • Special offer on Massage Treatments
  • Preparing Your Mind for a Return to the Workplace – Tips to ensure a smooth transition back to the office
  • Tackling “Pandemic Brain” and Improving Your Focus – Don’t let brain fog get you down

You can download this 6 page newsletter in PDF format. It is intended to be printed in A4 size.


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