Health & Safety Management and Training Services

Health, safety and wellbeing in the office environment is an area of increasing focus for companies keen to improve their working environment, employee performance and workplace H&S culture.

With over twenty-five years of experience, we have a team of expert physiotherapists and osteopaths providing dynamic, engaging office health and safety training. We specialise in providing a wide portfolio of training, assessment and consultancy services for the office environment, from seated employee DSE assessments to the provision of manual handling training.

Working with Display Screen Equipment

DSE Assessor Training

Our experts train key members of your team as qualified DSE Assessors, allowing them to carry out Display Screen Equipment Assessments in-house. We can train from 2 up to 10 members of staff per 1-day course, providing you with a flexible, cost-effective risk management solution.

DSE Assessor courses can be fully customised to suit your specific office environment, equipment and working practices.

Online DSE Assessment Tool

DSE Assessment - example imageWe have developed an innovative Online DSE Assessment Tool that not only identifies risk of injury in your employees, but also trains them to use excellent musculoskeletal health practice.

Management Reporting Tools allow managers to review assessments and identify risk & bad practice, before they result in an injury.

One-to-one DSE Assessment

One-to-one DSE Assessments carried out at your site by our experienced clinical experts, whose detailed understanding of the musculoskeletal interaction with Display Screen Equipment enables us to provide a detailed assessment that can reduce injuries. We offer two options; a regular assessment (30 mins per employee), or a specialist assessment for individual staff members with specific physical/medical problems affecting their work (2.5 hours per employee).

Manual Handling for Office Workers

Manual Handling Practical Skills

Focusing particularly on developing staff members’ practical techniques, the emphasis is on practical application. Staff members will be taught step-by-step techniques for safer manual handling. Areas covered include effective and safe lifting and lowering, ‘power to your legs’, ‘strength at the core’, instinct vs. conditioned movement, pushing and pulling, team lifting and dealing with awkward loads.

Manual Handling Instructor Training

Manual handling ‘train the trainer’ courses for new and established instructors, either at you own site or at one of our public venues.

Our courses will train effective manual handling instructors for you and promote a positive cultural change in health & safety within your organisation. We will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to facilitate these changes, inspiring your employees to work safely.

Manual Handling Risk Assessor Training

Our expert Manual Handling Instructors can train and certify your staff members as qualified & competent Risk Assessors. This will enable them to conduct their own in-house risk assessments.

Lunchtime Talks and Seminars

Talks on a wide variety of subjects...

We can provide thought-provoking and educational talks on a wide variety of health and wellbeing related subjects. These are just a couple of examples of our talks.

"Looking after your back and neck"

A Consultant Osteopath or Physiotherapist will provide a talk on how staff can look after their back and neck in the workplace. This talk is tailored for office-based desk workers.

"Wellbeing Advice for Home Workers"

A Consultant Osteopath or Physiotherapist will provide a talk on how staff can look after their back and neck while working from home. This talk is tailored for desk workers who sometimes work from home and home-workers. The talk covers posture, seating, working on a laptop and hand-held device and work/life balance.

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