28-day Re-Energise Challenge

What’s in it for me?  Why should I sign up?

Our 28-day Re-Energise Challenge will help you thrive, both in the work place and in your personal life.

The Challenge is designed to empower and support you with a focus on improving healthy eating and lifestyle habits. The aim is to boost your energy levels throughout the day, build your resilience to stress and to improve your general physical and mental wellbeing.

Benefits to you:
  • Increase & sustain energy
  • Shed unwanted pounds
  • Build resilience to stress
  • Establish healthy habits
  • Improve sleep & mental clarity
Simple, sustainable solutions:
  • 3 easy Challenge principles to follow
  • Personalised & simple solutions
  • Build motivation
  • Coach led & peer group support
  • Have fun along the way!
Re-Energise Challenge decorative imageChallenges are aimed at:
  • Anyone who has an interest in improving their overall health and wellbeing, and specifically in developing healthier habits around their food and lifestyle choices.
  • People that want to lose weight or maintain their ideal weight.
  • Individuals or groups of employees within a company.
  • Promote personal healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Raise awareness of the links between physical and mental wellbeing and how making healthier food and lifestyle choices impacts on overall wellness.
  • Motivate and empower participants towards achieving their weight-loss goal (if required), and/or help sustain commitment to maintain ideal weight through healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Demonstrate how small daily habit changes have an incremental effect on energy, mental clarity, reduced anxiety, and long-term overall wellbeing.
Number of participants:
  • We limit the maximum group size per ‘Re-Energise Challenge’ to 30 participants. The limit on participants ensures interaction and team motivation amongst the group.
Duration and Availability of Re-Energise Challenge:
  • Challenges run for 28 days.
  • We offer 4 seasonal Challenges per year; Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.
Cost for individuals:
  • 28-day Challenge: £95 + VAT per participant.
  • (Your company may want to make a contribution on your behalf – company partial subsidy is welcome.)

Re-Energise Challenge structure


Introductory Lunchtime Talk:

  • Meet the Nutrition Health Coach who will lead your Challenge.
  • Your Nutritional Health Coach will explain the science and principles of the Challenge and generate interest and motivation.
  • This is also the time for Q&A!

Self-Assessment: “How would I rate my energy and health right now?”

  • All participants complete a short personal self-assessment form with a self-scoring system.
  • Allows participants to reflect on aspects of their health and wellbeing, such as energy levels, resilience to stress and quality of sleep.
  • Self-assessment is carried out at the start and end of the Challenge.
  • Provides a focus for discussion during the 1-to-1 personal overview with the Health Coach.

Metabolic Analysis – Participants provided with a print-out results summary

  • Medical scales used to measure participants: Muscle and fat mass, body fat %, visceral fat, hydration, metabolic age.
  • Personal reading at the beginning and end of Challenge with a print-out of results to compare readings. Conducted at the Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre.

1-2-1 personal overview with Nutrition Health Coach to help you get started

  • 10-15 minute 1-2-1 confidential overview with Challenge Nutrition Health Coach*.
  • Review Self-Assessment and Metabolic Analysis, and discuss the focus for your Challenge.


Meal plans / Shopping list / Eating out guidance

  • Seasonal meal options including recipes and shopping list.
  • All recipes are quick and easy to prepare, nutrient rich, family friendly and designed for busy lives.
  • Meal options are downloadable to phone or tablet in clickable, PDF format.
  • Guidance for ‘healthy choice’ eating near your workplace. Tell us what catering outlets you frequent, and the Nutrition Health Coach will provide guidance for these establishments.

Nutrition Health Coach guidance

  • Smartphone App to access Challenge content including daily guidance, recommendations and focus for the day from the Nutrition Health Coach.
  • Message the Nutrition Health Coach privately in the App for any questions you may have.

Peer Support throughout the Challenge

  • Through a closed online group-chat forum, led by your Nutrition Health Coach, who will answer questions and provide tips & motivation throughout the Challenge.
  • You can share your experiences, get support and encourage your ‘Challenge-peers’. Promoting community, team spirit and accountability.


At the end of the Challenge.

  • Support for participants to self-reflect on the past 28 days including rating your energy and health after the Challenge.
  • Post Challenge Metabolic Analysis carried out at the Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre.
  • 1-2-1 personal end of Challenge overview & feedback with your Nutrition Health Coach.
  • Self-Assessment is repeated at the end of the Challenge providing an opportunity to reflect on your achievements.

Meet your Nutrition Health Coach

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