Nutrition Services & Health Coaching programme

Nutrition assessment services and tailored Health Coaching programmes are available from the Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre.

Do you suffer from uncomfortable symptoms or have a medically diagnosed condition?

For all health issues you will receive programmes that minimise effort and maximise results. Addressing underlying biochemical imbalances in the right order can improve blood test results, minimise symptoms, reduce limitations and increase energy. What ever your aim, whether to achieve a fitness goal or to hit a target weight, our nutrition programmes are tailored specifically for you.

Do you have an activity or fitness goal?

Athletes need power and stamina to achieve their goals. A tailored nutritional programme can be used to improve muscle function, and keep the ligaments strong and flexible. It also keeps the cardiovascular system powerful, the lungs expansive and clear, and the mind focused. Issues with the bowel and liver are addressed and adrenal energy improved or recharged. If you need your body to work to an exceptional level, you would benefit enormously from this.

Do you have a weight loss goal?

A nutritional assessment will aim to identify why you are holding on to weight by looking at your thyroid function, blood sugar, liver toxicity and eating habits. Our Health Coaching programmes can help you change your habits and your diet; if you want to lose weight this is the most efficient, healthy and long-term solution for you.

After a year of health, personal and professional challenges, I contacted Marcelle (through Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre) seeking help to get things back on track. My main objective was to lose 9 kg that I had gained after health problems and having stopped smoking. I was experiencing low energy – feeling less attractive and confident, and my job was becoming increasingly demanding. I was looking for someone to help me with a regular and balanced diet.

Over the past six weeks, just by following Marcelle’s healthy diet plan and tips, I have lost 4.7 kg. I’m feeling better in myself; more confident, happier, less moody and more focused & driven.

I thank myself for my determination to embrace changes, but equally thank Marcelle. She was able to understand that it is not merely a weight drop that I was after, but a more permanent and positive change in my approach to food and nutrition.

SN, Legal dept

Nutrition services

One-to-one consultations

A nutritional assessment looks at your current diet and how different foods react with you as an individual. From this, a tailored healthy eating plan can be developed which can result in incredible transformations in health, energy and fitness. Each person has a unique physiology and a successful treatment programme requires exceptional expertise. Foods and supplements can be used as tools to nurture dysfunctional organs back to peak performance.

Simple changes can have dramatic results, such as improving health, raising energy levels, boosting libido and enhancing performance at work. Identify the most effective changes required by your body and save yourself time, effort, unnecessary discomfort and tiredness.

  • Tailored advice and support will be provided to assist you in achieving your goals.
  • The initial consultation will last approximately 45 minutes and includes a thorough review of your current circumstances and your future goals. Follow-up consultations will last approximately 30 minutes.

Cost: Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We can offer a free telephone consultation.

Talks and Workshops


  • We offer short nutritional talks/seminars aimed towards companies or groups of employees. These are ideally suited to fit into lunch breaks, and each session will provide clear and relevant knowledge related to nutritional subjects, such as “Fat”, “Nutrition to support activity and sport”, “Nutrition for business”, “Hydration”, “Carbohydrates”, “Nutrition to support weight loss”, etc.
  • Attendees can expect to acquire up-to-date information about a relevant and interesting topic within nutrition, along with inspiration and motivation to initiate changes in their own diet and wider lifestyle.



  • We understand the many people experience greater success with lifestyle and/or diet changes if other people are in the same situation to support and encourage them. With this in mind, we offer Nutritional Workshops for small groups of people/employees.
  • Each workshop would consist of approximately 6 sessions over a period of 6 weeks, with each workshop session focusing on a specific nutritional topic. These workshop sessions will be tailored to fit your requirements and those of the attendees.


Cost: Please contact us for a bespoke quotation for your organisation, tailored to your requirements.

Health Coaching

28-day Re-Energise Challenge

Our Re-Energise Challenge runs throughout the year with a seasonal theme, and can be run for different duration’s depending on your requirements; our standard Challenge is 28-days.

  • Our Challenges are aimed at people with an ambition to improve their health and wellbeing, with a focus on healthier habits around food and lifestyle choices.
  • The Challenges will help you thrive – both in the work place and in your personal life. They are designed to empower, support and educate, with a focus on improving healthy eating and lifestyle habits to support energy levels throughout the day, build resilience to stress and improve general physical and mental wellbeing.

Cost and further information: Please visit our dedicated Re-Energise Challenge page to read more about our nutrition challenges.

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