Are you struggling to balance your work and home life? Are you lacking time and headspace, and is this leading to feelings of stress and anxiety? Do you fear failure and worry that you’re not good enough? Is imposter syndrome creeping up on you?

Some leaders and managers use coaching as a way to explore and overcome particular issues, whereas others use it as a way to develop their leadership ability through a longer process of self-reflection, realisation and change.

Who is executive coaching for?

  • People who have responsibility for leading organisations
  • People who have responsibility for leading teams
  • Leaders and managers who want to develop their ability and mindset.

What will you gain from executive coaching?

  • A clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Ability to recognise your inner values
  • Courage to take risks and feel comfortable with the outcome
  • Increased adaptability to change, uncertainty and the unknown
  • Trust and confidence in personal ability and making choices.
Karen Liebenguth is an Executive Coach and Mindfulness Trainer at the Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre.

Meet Karen Liebenguth, an accredited master coach.

Karen offers executive coaching working with individual clients as well as leaders and managers. Her approach focuses on creating time and space for clients to embrace change, to reflect on their purpose and their values.

Karen has worked with corporate clients for the past 15 years, bringing about positive personal and professional development in their lives.

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Karen has helped me help gain clarity and confidence in my professional life. I’m not comfortable digging into my own emotions and how I really feel about things, but the process with Karen has been amazingly helpful and has helped me manage the frustration I feel when I’m not sure what the path forward is.

The guidance I got from Karen helped me clarify a lot about what I’m here for. I highly recommend the experience of working with Karen for anyone who is feeling lost and needs help answering some of the bigger questions in life.

Ben Matthews, director at Empower

Executive Coaching pricing

1-hour face-to-face appointment – £95

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