Are you at a crossroads in your life? Have you recently experienced something that has left you wondering if you’re on the right path? Do you think you might be experiencing a midlife crisis? Are you feeling stuck or lost? Perhaps you’re wondering if you should be doing something else with your life?

Life coaching is for people who want to take more control over their life and their future. Some clients simply require time and space to identify and address specific issues, whereas others want to gain a deeper understanding about why they feel or behave in certain ways.

Who is life coaching for?

  • People who feel stuck
  • People who want to make a change but don’t know where to start
  • People who are struggling to prioritise the things that matter most
  • People who doubt themselves and lack confidence
  • Anyone who has a desire to take more control over their life and their future.

What will you gain from life coaching?

  • A clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Ability to recognise what matters most in life
  • Courage to do something differently, to change
  • New skills, improved mind-set and attitude
  • Trust and confidence to make decisions.
Karen Liebenguth is an Executive Coach and Mindfulness Trainer at the Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre.

Meet Karen Liebenguth, an accredited master coach.

Karen offers life coaching working with individual clients. Her approach focuses on creating time and space for clients to embrace change, to reflect on their purpose and values, their inner life: feelings, triggers, fixed beliefs, biases, motivations, impulses, actions, mind-set and attitude.

Karen has worked with private clients for the past 15 years, bringing about positive personal and professional development in their lives.

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Karen has been a really influential character in my life and a super helpful coach in so many ways. It is our sessions last year (and also the many others before!) that gave me the courage to write my first book including horses – which is also my first memoir. I’m thrilled to say it is now out in the world.

Susanna Newsonen

Life Coaching pricing

1-hour face-to-face appointment – £80

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