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What is 'Physical Therapy'?

The phrase ‘physical therapy’ relates to both physiotherapy and osteopathy. We offer both treatments – if you have a preference then please select an appropriate practitioner.

Difference between a physiotherapist and osteopath?

Physiotherapists and osteopaths are both trained to treat all injuries involving muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. They use slightly different techniques but work towards the same goal; to reduce pain and improve function & mobility.

Both physiotherapists and osteopaths use hands-on treatment including joint mobilisation and soft tissue release. They may also use acupuncture, tape and ultrasound. Beyond these core skills physiotherapists traditionally specialise in exercise rehabilitation, whereas osteopaths specialise in joint manipulation, both of which directly address musculoskeletal problems.

Are you making an Insurance Funded booking?

The Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre works with most health insurance companies including WPA, AXA-PPP, BUPA, AVIVA, CIGNA, SIMPLY HEALTH, VITALITY, HEALIX, PHC & TREATMENT NETWORK. Many of the physical therapies provided at the Wellbeing Centre are covered by these health insurance companies.

  • Staff employed by Lloyd’s Corporation, XL Catlin or QBE who hold AXA-PPP or WPA medical cover are eligible to receive ‘fast track’ access to physical therapy services, so no GP referral is required. In this case please include your insurance Membership number & Claim number in the final ‘notes’ section at the end of this booking process, unless you have previously provided us with these details.
  • All other insurance patients will need to obtain a GP referral before they can commence with insurance-funded treatment. Please contact your insurance provider of GP for further advice.

We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy. If less than 24-hours notice is given to change or cancel your appointment, then a £30 charge will apply.