Are you feeling triggered? Are you struggling to understand why someone speaks to you in a certain way, or why their behaviour leaves you feeling angry, confused or upset? Is the breakdown of a relationship affecting your health and wellbeing, or the dynamics between your team, your friends or your family?

What is conflict resolution?

Conflict can become part of any personal or professional relationship, and unless it’s resolved it can be very distressing, and all-consuming, for both the people that are directly involved and those on the periphery.

Conflict resolution is the process of helping people to understand one another, repair their relationship, and agree how to move forward in a compassionate way.

Who is conflict resolution for?

  • Colleagues
  • Communities
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Anyone who has a desire to resolve a conflict that they have with someone in their life.

What will you gain from conflict resolution?

  • Achieve open and honest communication
  • Increase mutual feelings of empathy and compassion
  • Repair relationships and find a way forward
  • Make an agreement about how all involved will behave and communicate with one another going forward
  • Gain a mutual understanding of the steps required to resolve and prevent future conflict.
Karen Liebenguth is an Executive Coach and Mindfulness Trainer at the Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre.

Meet Karen Liebenguth, a conflict resolution expert and master coach.

Karen offers conflict resolution in the City of London, working with individual clients, employees, teams, as well as leaders and managers.

Karen has worked with personal and corporate clients for the past 15 years, bringing about positive personal and professional development in their lives.

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Learn how reducing conflict can help to improve employee engagement, retention and productivity at work.

Aimed at individuals, managers or team leaders, conflict resolution training provides the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively manage and turn around conflict situations in the workplace, in an assertive, constructive, and practical manner.

Conflict Resolution pricing

The fee for conflict resolution is subject to the number of parties involved as well as the complexity of the conflict situation. Please get in touch to discuss your specific situation and requirements.

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