Caroline Davies

Physiotherapy Practitioner & Chronic Pain Specialist

Caroline Davies - Physiotherapist

Caroline Davies – Physiotherapist & Chronic Pain Specialist at the Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre.

Caroline isn’t your average physiotherapist. Whilst she’s been a physio for over 25 years, she’s also specialised in pain treatment approaches for the last decade of her professional career. From everyday aches to more complex (and sometimes debilitating) pain conditions, Caroline is highly experienced and has a genuine interest in listening to her patients, understanding their needs, and helping them rediscover themselves.

With 10 years of experience as a senior physiotherapist, Caroline has honed her skills in treating countless complex and painful conditions at esteemed specialist centres across the UK and the US, including the National Centre for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in Bath, a condition which she has a special interest in treating. She holds a certification in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, a ground-breaking pain treatment approach for people who have previously been told that they need to accept the pain they suffer from as a part of their lives.

Caroline also believes in the power of emotions and their impact on health and wellbeing and has completed training in Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy, which taps into the links between pain and difficult emotions and emotional events in our lives. Currently studying the neuroscience of pain and emotion while writing her upcoming book on feelings, she seeks a comprehensive understanding of the human experience and strives to learn how we can all better align with our bodies.

After graduating from the Royal London Hospital in 1988, Caroline is thrilled to be back practising in London and is looking forward to exploring the city once more on foot and bike.