Luke Silavwe - Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist & Sports Massage

Luke Silavwe is a highly experienced physiotherapist and sports massage therapist working from the Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre, London EC3. His treatment goal is to address not only the symptoms of musculoskeletal issues but also the underlying causes of the discomfort experienced.

Caroline Davies - Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist: Pain Specialist

Caroline Davies isn’t your average physiotherapist. Whilst she’s been a physio for over 35 years, she’s also specialised in chronic pain treatment and specialist pain treatment approaches for the last decade of her professional career.

Laure Walter - Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist & Sports Massage

Laure worked as a personal trainer and sport masseuse for over 10 years. During this period, she was working in close collaboration with physical therapists in order to enhance her clients’ recovery. This inspired her to train to become a physiotherapist herself.