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Are your nails making you feel self-conscious? 10% of the population suffer from unsightly fungal nail infections – be one of the 90% who don’t! Come and see our fungal nail specialist.

What is Fungal Nail?

Fungal Nail is the same infection as Athlete’s Foot, but occurs under the nail. Traditional topical solutions cannot penetrate the nail in order to treat the infection beneath, and pills work for less than 4 out of 10 patients and carry significant risk to the liver.

Our nail specialist, Karen Longwith, provides two distinct treatment plans for fungal nail infection:

Micro-Nail Infiltration treatment

Micro-Nail Infiltration (MNI) makes a series of tiny holes through the nail plate in order to provide access to the nail bed beneath. These holes, which are just 0.4mm in diameter, allow a specialist topical solution to target the infection directly.

Does the treatment hurt?

There is no pain or risk. The micro-cutter only removes nail plate tissue and does not touch the skin beneath the nail.

Single treatment solution

  • Only one 60-90 minute appointment required.
  • Painless and no side effects.
  • No recovery time – just get up and go!

Considerations: Infections reaching the cuticle are not recommended for this treatment. Restoration of the nail is dependent on the speed of your natural nail growth.

Micro-Nail Infiltration

One hand or foot

Micro-Nail Infiltration

Both hands or feet

Call Karen Longwith on 020 7867 3930 or 07921 588 087 for more information, or to make an appointment.

Eliminaser Laser 3-step treatment

This treatment uses a unique, 3-step system to combat fungal nail infection. Karen achieves a 92% success rate, even with long-standing, severe and unsightly nails.

  • The latest patented ‘Lunula Laser’ technology to destroy and/or weaken fungi cells and eliminate the infection.
  • Personalised treatment plan to boost your immune system, increase blood flow and accelerate healthy nail regrowth.
  • Re-infection prevention and post-treatment support programme to keep your nails fungus free!

Does the treatment hurt?

Treatment is pain-free, non-invasive and has no side effects – except making your nails grow faster! Treatment works per hand or foot, not the traditional ‘per nail’ basis.

Eliminaser use only the latest technology. Our dual-diode laser uses principles other than heat to kill fungal cells & spores, and is guaranteed to be painless. Laser diodes have been in use in medical practice for many decades and have no known side effects.

Eliminaser Laser 3-step treatment

One hand or foot
From £139

Eliminaser Laser 3-step treatment

Both hands or feet
From £249

Call Karen Longwith on 020 7867 3930 or 07921 588 087 for more information, or to make an appointment.

Comparison of the two fungal nail treatments
Number of sessionsMultiple 12 minute sessionsOne 60-90 minute session
At home regime requiredNoYes
Nail Integrity maintainedYesNo
Also treats surrounding tissueYesNo
Infection location no issueYesNeeds to be above cuticle line
Treats nails lifted from nailbedYesYes
When do results become visible?Consistent: Session 3 or 4 / Between weeks 2 – 4Variable: Between months 1 - 3
Enhances nail growthOftenWhen infection recedes
Contact requiredNoYes
Suitable for DiabeticsYes- Type 2No
Helps any other conditionsAthlete's footNo
Recovery time afterwardsNoneNone
Side effectsNoneNone
PainlessYesAround once per session heat is felt. Disappears immediately.

Athlete's Foot Treatment

If you suffer from…

  • cracked skin
  • dryness that seems to return quickly no matter which products you use
  • splitting of the skin between toes or around the ball of the foot
  • tiny blisters which appear in groups
  • itchy patches anywhere on your feet

…then it’s likely you have Athlete’s Foot.

If you periodically try to treat this very common yet stubborn problem, and have not yet been able to, book a consultation and let us help you become symptom-free for summer!

The Wellbeing Centre nail care specialist