Steve Hines

Steve Hines

Steve began his career in 1999 after graduating with a degree in Sports Science. Initially working out of a gym, Steve helped people lose weight and improve their fitness through personal training. He quickly found that many gym goers suffer from niggling injuries that hampered their progress. A keen interest in helping people overcome their pain and injury led Steve to study physiotherapy.

After graduating from St. George’s Hospital Medical School in 2005, Steve worked in the NHS for 18 months before being recruited to work for Fulham Football Club as a physiotherapist. Steve’s keen interest in understanding the human body and desire to help people achieve their goals led him to study a nutritional therapy degree. Upon graduation Steve moved into a performance management role with Fulham FC, helping elite athletes to lose weight, improve performance and recover from exercise. Steve spent 8 years working with Fulham before he moved on to work in private practice. Steve’s interests are sports medicine, acupuncture, nutrition and exercise rehabilitation

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