Giusi CoppolaIn Autumn 2018 we welcomed Giusi to the Lloyd’s Wellbeing team, as the provider of our yoga classes.

Giusi on yoga…

Following on from a great many years of practising yoga for her own health and wellbeing, Giusi went on to choose yoga as her career and ultimately as the path for her life. She aims to pass on her enthusiasm and knowledge through her dynamic, yet paced classes, where each movement is done with the awareness of breath.

Giusi has mastered a multitude of yoga techniques and has developed her own unique yoga practice and style. She specialises in ‘Creative Vinyasa Flow’, ‘Guided Meditation’ & ‘Pranayama’ (breathing techniques). Giusi has developed a series of yoga classes, as well as themed guided meditation sessions – all tailored to fit in with busy City work schedules, along with additional guidance to support those who want to practice outside of class time. Giusi’s special interest is understanding the effect that yoga has on calming and focusing the mind, and its overall holistic ability to improve emotional and physical wellbeing.

Giusi on meditation…

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind through techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, and emotional positivity. Through the practice of meditation, you will become familiar with the complex patterns and habits of your mind, giving you the opportunity to cultivate new and more positive ways of being. With patience and regular practice, these nourishing and intense periods of focus can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, bringing you closer to a peaceful and energised state. Such experiences often have a completely transformative effect, even leading to a brand-new understanding of life.

Most of us spend our days living in a state dominated by our inner thoughts or feelings. In consequence, we can sometimes be led to believe that these thoughts and feelings make up who we are as a person, and that we have no control over the effect this can have on our lives. Mediation is the practice of simply being. It guides us to experience how we can ‘live in the moment’ without any interference from internal or external distractions. It is a natural state of being, but one which many of us have forgotten how to access.

Giusi qualified teaching mindfulness with Yoga Campus and Michael Stone Teachings. Her classes are based on evolutionary methods of mindfulness, and I hope to help people rediscover the harmonious balance of their body through the stability of their breath.