Simon Chafer

Simon Chafer - Osteopath
Simon Chafer – Osteopath (also able to provide Acupuncture/dry needling)

Simon qualified as an osteopath in 2005 having completed a 4-year bachelor of osteopathy degree at The British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy). He was previously a biochemist, and was a science teacher for ten years. His teaching experience has been of huge value in his role as lecturer at The London School of Osteopathy (teaching osteopathic evaluation and technique, differential diagnosis, and pain management). He has a Master of Science post-graduate degree in Pain Management from The University of Cardiff School of Medicine. His research interests in chronic pain management have been published in international peer-reviewed journals. 

He is driven by an evidence-based approach to pain management (both acute and chronic). He has a professional interest in treating headache symptoms and has extensive experience of treating neurological referral headache patients. Simon is also qualified in Western Medical Acupuncture/dry needling which he uses to help relieve musculoskeletal pain in his patients alongside osteopathy.

Simon Chafer BOst BSc(Hons) PgCertEd MEd MSc(Pain Mgt) 

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