Pascal Rodrigues

Pascal Rodrigues (Physiotherapist and Osteopath)
Pascal Rodrigues (Physiotherapist)
Training and background

Pascal is a consultant chartered physiotherapist. He graduated with a degree in physiotherapy in Paris in 1997 and has over 20 years of experience in both private practice and hospitals within France and the UK. Pascal has a keen interest in understanding the human body and a desire to help people achieve their fitness and health goals.

Pascal takes a hands-on approach – he strongly believes that the precision of the hands are the best tools for assessment and treatment and he can lead the session either with a local or holistic point of view, or a mix of both. Pascal employs many different skills to help people overcome pain and injury, using a wide range of techniques from standard manual therapy mobilisations to soft and delicate tissue releases.

Currently a member of a French teaching institute as a posturology lecturer, Pascal has a keen interest and focus on ergonomics. He believes that advice and prevention around the posture at work is essential.

In his spare time, Pascal is a keen fencer having practised the sport for over 10 years now. He has accompanied fencers on National competitions, taking care of their physical preparation and injuries. Pascal speaks five languages; English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Clinical interests

Back and neck pain, joint pain, sports injuries, pre/post operative rehabilitation, acute and chronic pain, ergonomics, stress disorders, digestive issues, neurological disorders, respiratory affections, musician’s injuries, paediatric affections.